For your projects Kalaty Hospitality offers infinite style choices and four construction types – hand knotted, Lori-Loom™ (hand loomed), hand tufted and power-loomed. Each of the types listed below has its advantages. We are here to help advise if you need us!

Hand Knotted

The art of heirloom hand-knotted rug making in India is an art form handed down from maker to maker over the centuries … and today Kalaty’s artisans employ many of the same meticulous crafting skills as their ancestors. Expert craftsmanship is practiced at every step in the production of our rugs – from hand spinning and dyeing our superior yarns to the precision of the hand knotting process to the final finishing steps. No one does it better … as beautifully … or more masterfully as the skilled artisans at Kalaty!

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Lori-Loom™ is Kalaty's trademarked name for the type of rug that is artisanally hand-loomed. Our Lori-Loom™ rugs are made using only the finest yarns for superior quality and detail and are available in premium wools, Silkette™, polyester as well as a mix of the materials of your choice!

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Hand Tufted

While not quite the heirloom quality of our hand-knotted rugs, our hand-tufted rugs are an artisan handmade product, plus they are usually of a higher quality than their machine-made counterparts. Our hand-tufted rugs are available in a variety of materials, styles and patterns from traditional floral patterns to casual transitional looks to modern geometrics.

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These rugs are machine made on power looms that are operated either by hand, machine or by computer, hence the term “power-loomed.” Once the colors and patterns are determined during the design process, a computer card is created which tells the power-loom what size rug, style and colors to produce. While machine-made rugs can vary in quality, we take great pride in the superior quality of our power-loomed products!

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Wool is the world's most popular fiber for area rugs ... and has been for centuries. Wool is natural, sustainable, plentiful, and, with proper care, our superior quality wool rugs give you a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment.

Natural Silk

With their intricate designs, tight weave, vivid colors and lovely lush feel, silk rugs are true works of art. If you run your hand lightly across the surface of the rug, it will feel lush, luxurious and silky smooth.

Viscose / Bamboo Silk

Silkette™ is Kalaty's trademarked name for the silk-like viscose yarns used in many of the company's most luxurious rug designs. Some of our finest rugs are made entirely of Silkette™, while others are made of a combination of premium wool and Silkette™.


Polypropylene, also referred to as olefin, is a synthetic material, used in rugs for its ability to both withstand heavy use and maintain a soft, plush feel. Because polypropylene rugs are machine-manufactured, they are one of the most affordable rug options on the market.


Polyester rugs offer both comfort and cleanability so that you can relish the comfort while fretting less about juice and coffee spills at breakfast or snack residue in family rooms. Polyester rugs are also fade-resistant, easy to maintain and retain their original appearance longer than rugs made of other fibers. These rugs are especially appropriate by the back door where wet or muddy feet come and go most often.